Spring is here! Giving your yard and driveway a look is a good idea this time of year, allowing you to prepare for the summer. Here are a pair of issues to be aware of.


Dead grass and plants – Take a look at if your yard is thriving and healthy. Dead grass and overgrown plants that are damaging the rest of the area can be easy to spot. Amending these before they root into your driveway and cause other foundational issues can be crucial.


Asphalt damage – If the front area of your yard and driveway are paved in asphalt, they may be damaged. If you’re unsure what this looks like, there are a few obstructions you may be able to easily identify. Uneven pavement, “swelling” around any cracks in the pavement, overgrown grass and plants, etc.


If you are able to identify these issues, then they need professional attention to be fixed in most cases. There are some do it yourself jobs surely, but the majority should at the very least be inspected by a professional.


Keeping your driveway and front yard safe and healthy can be a difficult process, and we’re here to help. Give us a call today, and we’ll find a time to inspect your asphalt driveway to see what issues may have sprouted in recent seasons.